Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mobile Travel Guide::Android Project Abstracts::Brainbitz

In the current scenario there isn’t any application that would help a tourist to get information about the place they are currently visiting in their mobile phone.Our application Mobile Travel Guide is aimed to solve this problem.
In current tourism system, whenever a tourist visits famous spots, to know more about the place he hires a guide. The hired guide then narrates history of the place. The proposed system doesn’t require a physical guide. The Mobile application installed on the mobile of tourist can act as a guide.Without having a guide, it will help one to get information of theplace in their mobile and check out the videos which explain the history/information of the place which they are currently visiting.
Mobile Technology is now set to help boost tourism in various fields. It will be used to apply mobile applications technology to create specific visitor information for tourist attractions to effectively turn the tourist's mobile phone into their very own personalized tour guide. Mobile phone technology presents huge potential for the future of visitor interpretation at tourist attractions. People want fast, efficient and easy access to information of all kinds and tourism is no different.While tourism presents considerable potential for the use of new mobile technologies, we currently have little understanding of how tourists organize their activities or of the problems they face. This project presents an ethnographic study of city tourists' practices that draws out a number of implications for designing tourist technology.
Our objective is to utilize an Android mobile phone to extract information about a place. We use the GPS (for getting user’s current location) and GPRS (for internet connectivity between mobile and server) features of the Android phone.



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  2. please send the source codes to me

  3. please send the source codes to me